Covered Bridges of Madison County 


Roseman Bridge

Roseman Bridge is among the most famous in Madison County. It is known as the "Wedding Bridge." A painting of this bridge hangs above the fireplace in the Windcrest Farm farmhouse.

Pictured here is Margie Moore, innkeeper at the Brass Lantern.

The other bridges are the Holliwell, Cedar, Cutler-Donahoe, Hogback, and Imes bridges. The Roseman, Holliwell, and Hogback bridges are still in their original locations, and the Cedar was moved only a short distance along the same creek and is open to vehicle traffic via a short detour from Highway 169.

In 2002 and 2003, arson fires destroyed the Cedar Bridge and damaged both the Hogback Bridge and "Francesca's House" (a location from the Bridges of Madison County movie production). The Cedar has since been rebuilt in its original style, and Hogback has been repaired.

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