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There's almost always a breeze blowing at Windcrest Farm. On stormy summer nights, the views of distant thunderheads are often breathtaking. If you happen to be up at sunrise you may be dazzled by the reds and golds; but if you prefer to sleep in, the sunset also offers many an unforgettable display.

Windcrest is located atop Buffalo Ridge, the geographical "divide" between the watersheds of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers. All smaller rivers east of Greenfield, Iowa, flow east towards the Mississipi. All those west of Greenfield flow west towards the Missouri. One of these is the Grand River, which starts near Greenfield and flows all the way into the Missouri.

Buffalo Ridge lends Windcrest its gusts and breezes and beautiful skies. As the prevailing Westerly winds sweep across the rolling Iowa plains, they are pressed gently upwards by the rising land, gathering force until they rush over the top and can spread out again on the falling slope.

The wind rarely passes over Windcrest. Instead it has to stop by, to say a breathy hello.

The Brass Lantern
2446 State Highway 92
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